Top Commerical Landscape Trends For 2017

The first thing a customer or client sees when they visit your business is, essentially, the exterior landscape of your business. If you have trash, dirt or dying greenery, you may be offering a very poor first impression, which could play into your bottom line. Plus, if your employees have to walk through dreary landscaping their productivity may be a little less than ideal. Check out the newest commercial landscaping trends for this year below.

Stick To Native Design
Every few years the trend becomes more about expensive, imported shrubbery that ends up costing you a fortune in upkeep. If standing out among your neighboring businesses is your goal you can get there with unique native designs to integrate into your commercial property. It all starts with hiring a local commercial landscaper with expertise in the environmental changes of your area.

Explore Turf Alternatives
Having a large, lush and green lawn at your place of business may seem ideal, but when you factor in the cost of mowing, fertilizing and general upkeep, the alternatives start to look a little brighter. Many commercial properties are not only moving to synthetic grass, but are looking at additional options. Take, for example, growing wildflowers, creeping thyme or Corsican mint – all green, low-cost alternatives.

Go Green
It’s the number one trend this year. While the initial investment in sustainable landscape practices may seem large, over time it actual can equate to less cash out of your pocket. A great way to do this is to incorporate native design and alternatives to grass, as noted above, then integrate a drip-based irrigation to decrease expenses. Combined, all of the above top commercial landscaping trends for 2017 can help keep your business flowing, your employees happy and your landscaping bill to a minimum.

If you're interested in adding to your landscape, contact Brilar today where we have beautiful landscaping services and reliable snow removal services. 

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